What is Babywearing?

Babywearing is the art and practice of carrying a baby or child using a baby carrier such as a wrap, sling, or buckle carrier.

Babies are born expecting to be touched, carried, and held close by the loving adults in their lives. Babywearing makes meeting those expectations easier and can aid parents in joyfully integrating their new babies into their daily lives. The child enjoys a stimulating "adult-level" view of the world while awake, the comforting smells and sounds of a parent while asleep, and the parent has two hands free to complete household tasks, care for other children, enjoy recreation activities, or do whatever needs to be done!

The physical closeness of a carrier naturally promotes bonding and can be an invaluable tool in helping to sooth a fussy infant.  Parents with high needs children especially benefit from incorporating babywearing into their lives.  

Babywearing in the 4th Trimester


Babywearing is an essential parenting tool in the critical first days, weeks, and months postpartum.  Baby carriers can be used to facilitate skin-to-skin Kangaroo Care which has been shown to have a wide variety of health and developmental benefits for both premature and full term infants including facilitating breastfeeding, promoting brain development, and supporting digestion and growth.  Carried babies cry less--up to 43% less than other infants according to one study--which can reduce parental stress levels and even help ease postpartum depression and anxiety.  Babywearing can also help non-biological parents, grandparents, and other caregivers create a close physical bond with a new baby.  

Taking Your Family Where Strollers Can't Go

The benefits of babywearing last long beyond the first few months.  Older babies continue to enjoy many of the same benefits as newborns.  Baby carriers also allow your family to explore your environment without being tied to where little legs can walk or a stroller can roll.  Click on the image gallery below to see some of the places babywearing can take you!