What I've Been Up To!

I've been a little slower getting off the ground with business things than I had originally anticipated but I'm learning to let go and embrace the quiet, special time with my little buddy. You can find us out and about most days, incorporating babywearing into our lives as we go for long walks (we are enjoying playing Pokemon Go!), hanging out with big sister at the park or at play dates, grocery shopping, and even VOTING!  If you're interested in booking a private consultation I'm happy to oblige--look for classes and other offerings when this little one is a bit older!

Consulting Library

I maintain a non-circulating library of carriers for use in consultations.  Here is a current list of the carriers I have available.  To book a consultation or private class please email me at carryrva@gmail.com!

Buckle Carriers:

Beco Gemini, Beco Toddler

Ergobaby Original* (and infant insert), Ergobaby Adapt*

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One*, Baby Carrier We*

Lillebaby Complete Organic

Tula Standard

Mei Tais:

Infantino Sash Mei Tai
Fidella Flytai (standard size)
Catbird Baby Mei Tai
Babyhawk Mei Tai
Chimparoo Mei Tai

Ring Slings:

Sleeping Baby Productions (pleated and eesti shoulders)
Maya Wrap Ring Sling (lightly padded and comfort fit shoulders)
Beco Ring Sling
Sakura Bloom Classic Ring Sling (single layer linen)

Stretchy Carriers:

Moby Wrap (cotton* and viscose from bamboo)
Solly Baby Wrap
Happy Wrap
Lillebaby Tie the Knot*
Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid
Boba Wrap
Baby K'tan* (full set of sizes XS-XL)

Woven Wraps:

Cotton wraps in sizes 2 through 8 (assorted brands)

Kangaroo Care Assistive Devices:

Vija Design Kangaroo Tube with Halter Strap*
Nuroo Pocket*
Precious Image Creations Second Skin Swaddle*


Note: Carriers marked with a * were provided free or at a discount but all recommendations are based on my individualized assessment of your needs.  


Open Arms Birth Collective... We're Stronger Together!

I'm thrilled to announce that CarryRVA is now part of the Open Arms Birth Collective, an association of some of the best birth and postpartum support specialists in Central Virginia.  I'm very excited and couldn't ask to be part of a more amazing group of professionals.  

The Open Arms concept is simple: New and expectant parents can come to a single source to book a variety of complementary services including tiered levels of birth support, postpartum doula support, prenatal and postpartum education, placenta encapsulation, birth photography, infant massage, custom blended herbs, and of course babywearing classes and consultations.  Instead of searching for, researching, and contracting directly for each service provider or instructor, parents can write a single check and be confident that they will have a positive experience.  This leaves new parents more time and energy to focus on what matters, welcoming their new baby! 

Each family can select exactly the services they like or they can choose from a variety of packages expertly tailored to their needs such as the Education Package, the Time-Savers Package, the Earth Mama, or the "What the Heck Just Happened?" Package.  

So if you're a new or expectant parent, or know someone who is, encourage them to visit the Open Arms website, or follow on Facebook, to find out about all of the exciting things happening!



Falling in Love Again with Stretchy Wraps

24 Hours Postpartum in a Moby Bamboo wrap

24 Hours Postpartum in a Moby Bamboo wrap

One of the things I've been enjoying while spending time with my newborn has been rediscovering the joys of stretchy wraps.  A stretchy wrap (specifically a Moby) was my gateway carrier to the world of babywearing.  My technique left a little to be desired at first but when I wrapped my fussy little girl (later we learned she was intolerant to milk, soy, egg, and probably a few things we never caught) and held her close I knew it would be a joyful tool in my parenting toolkit.  I still have that wrap, it remains a permanent reminder of where I started and what babywearing meant to me as a brand new, overwhelmed, exhausted new parent.

Fast forward four years and an awful lot of baby carrying later and I was excited to give stretchy wraps a whirl again with my second daughter.  Stretchy wraps often are dismissed by experienced babywearers, considered to be something you "grow out of" and then graduate to a "real" (i.e. woven) wrap.   However, in my experience they are wonderfully versatile carriers for the Fourth Trimester and even beyond!  

I've been reaching for a stretchy wrap at least once most days--we've worn them around the house, to the park, to pick up big sister from school, in a rainstorm, to the store, to facilitate kangaroo care, and at the doctors office while getting shots.  I'm learning lots about the different qualities of each wrap and how to put them on and adjust for optimal fit.  I'm loving the easy ins and outs (important when the little one needs frequent nursing and diaper breaks) and how soft and fabrics are (a Boba wrap feels like a warm hug).  I also love how easy the stretchy fabric is to move away from her face and onto my shoulder when she tries to bury her face in the wrap while sleeping.  I love not dragging my wrap tails on the ground in the parking lot and at the playground.  As an educator and consultant I appreciate how affordable stretchy wraps  are easily available new for less than $50, or used and in great condition for even less (I've seen them as low as $8 at consignment sales!).  

If you have a new baby, give a stretchy wrap a try!  I'll be including them in my babywearing classes starting later this year and have select Moby wraps (including the wonderful bamboo!) available for sale as well.

A quick carry before shots at the Doctors Office around 5 weeks

A quick carry before shots at the Doctors Office around 5 weeks

8 Great Reasons to Hire a Babywearing Consultant

There are so many different ways to learn how to use a baby carrier with your new baby!  Why should you hire a consultant (and me in particular!) to help you?  Here are eight great reasons.  

  1. One-on-One Support.  During a private consultation I am able to focus 100% on your questions, concerns, and preferences.  Each consultation is tailored specifically to your needs and your child.  This is a great solution for dads or anyone not comfortable learning in a group setting.  

  2. Specialized Knowledge.  Babywearing is what I know best.  As a babywearing expert I stay up-to-date on the latest research, best practices, and safety information.  I focus on evidence-based research including infant physical and emotional development, kangaroo care, and bonding and attachment.

  3. Convenience.  When you hire me as a consultant we work together to find a time and place that is mutually convenient based on your schedule and my availability.  

  4. Save Time and Money.  Many parents find the range of carrier options on the market today overwhelming and intimidating.  Because I am intimately familiar with the many carriers available I can tailor recommendations based on your preferences and needs, saving you time spent researching and money spent on carriers that aren't the best fit for your family.  

  5. Newborn Friendly.  Private consultations are perfect for the postpartum period when you're not quite ready to leave the house or you don't want to expose your newborn to unnecessary germs.  I also have dolls available to practice if your baby is sleeping or not cooperative during our consultation. 

  6. One Stop Shopping. Although I focus on finding the best carrier for your specific needs, I also carry several excellent, popular newborn carrier options for those who want to purchase a carrier and learn how to use it in one sitting. 

  7. Special Needs.  I have worked with a wide variety of parents and caregivers dealing with special situations ranging from premature babies to those with colic and gut issues.  I can help you find a personalized solution for your special needs.  

  8. Followup.  Clients have access to my Client Resources page featuring carefully curated and personally created resources to help you after a consultation is done.  Clients who book an in-home consultation also may contact me by email or text for additional personalized support following their consultation.