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Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Catherine Dean, Certified Babywearing Consultant

Catherine Dean is a Certified Babywearing Consultant and owner of CarryRVA.  She has been working hands-on with families in the Richmond, VA metro region since 2013.  Her goal is to create happy, healthy, more confident families through babywearing education and support.  

Cathy first realized the benefits of babywearing after the birth of her oldest daughter (who suffered from multiple food intolerances) in 2011.  Armed with her trusty Ergo, she was able to soothe her "high needs" child and survive the first tough year as a new parent. Now a mother of two, babywearing continues to play an important role in managing life with a busy preschooler and a baby while juggling volunteer responsibilities and the demands of being self-employed.   

Deeply influenced by her background in anthropology, biology, and the social sciences Cathy believes that families of all types and parenting styles can benefit from incorporating the practice of babywearing into their lives. She has a particular passion for helping families dealing with reflux, food intolerance, and other gut issues.  

Cathy currently serves on the Board of Directors of Babywearing International, Inc. and is a Master Babywearing Educator with Babywearing International of Central Virginia.  A former museum curator and historic preservationist and current owner of two small businesses, she lives in Ginter Park with her husband and two daughters.

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

What is the Center for Babywearing Studies?

The Center for Babywearing Studies is the premier US-based training program for babywearing professionals.  Certified Babywearing Consultants (CBCs) have completed a hands-on, 30-hour intensive in -person training, carry private insurance, and are certified in adult and infant CPR.

Courses Completed: Foundations (December 2016), Kangaroo Care Mini-Course (November-December 2016).


Proud BCIA Business Member

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) is an industry group founded in 2010 to increase awareness of quality baby carriers and support those in the baby carrier industry including retailers, manufacturers, and educators.  

Open Arms Birth Collective

Open Arms Birth Collective is a consortium of incredible birth and postpartum specialists in Richmond, VA who provide a range of services from birth and postpartum doula support, to breastfeeding education, birth photography, massage, custom blended herbs and more!  I am proud to be an independent OABC contractor.  New and expectant parents can book a pre-set or custom package of just the services they want and know they're booking some of the best specialists in Central Virginia.  For more information visit the website or find them on Facebook.